I'm a beginner and have never held a guitar in my hands: Can I start taking lessons from Jacinto Mendez anyway?

Yes! Through my many years of experience as a guitar teacher, I teach every level, whether beginner or advanced.

What kind of guitar do I need?
For beginners, I recommend a concert or classical guitar.
I can't read notes, can I still take guitar lessons?

Yes. You don’t necessarily need to read music to learn to play the guitar, so I also design my lessons with that in mind. You can also concentrate on singing and playing at the same time.

I just want to learn songs: Is that possible too?

Most students want to do this, so of course we do it.

Can Jacinto Mendez prepare me for my music studies?

Yes! In the meantime I have already prepared a number of students for earning their degree in music. There is a video on my Youtube channel where former students of mine share their experience taking lessons from me. They have become professional musicians. Video Link

What kind of music can you learn with Jacinto Mendez?

In principle, everything. I am very flexible and versatile as I have played in a lot of bands doing different musical genres.

Do you teach group lessons?

Yes! Groups of up to 4 people.

How would you describe your teaching and what kind of method is used?

My concept is: Every student determines the content of the lesson itself. In the beginning, we clarify your goals (e.g. accompanying songs and singing, picking technique, composing, improvising …), in this way we can customize your lessons. Based on your previous knowledge and goals, I then design your lessons. For beginners without prior knowledge, a foundation of chords and strumming has to be set, but we do this in parallel to learning songs. This way you will enjoy the feeling of being able to play songs right from the start. Practicing is also a lot more fun. For effective practice, I offer different techniques that are also part of my lessons. We already use these techniques during the lesson. During the practice session we make videos, so you can watch them again and again at home for practicing and rehearsing. I would like to stress that fun and good motivation are at the forefront in my mind, as only this can make good and effective learning is possible.

Is it possible to do a trial lesson?

Yes! We can arrange a trial lesson without obligation. This costs €20.

How long does it take to play guitar?

In general you can not say how long it takes. Several factors play a role. Talent, previous musical knowledge, but also a certain degree of discipline is important. Regular practice is an immense endorseful support for progress. Nevertheless, it is possible to achieve good results after the first few hours and to be able to play songs.

How long does it take to play and sing at the same time?

It tends to take approximately 4-5 hours until you can play and sing a song.

Since when has Jacinto Mendez been teaching?

Since approximately 25 years

Can I start at an advanced level?

Yes, I have already taught many advanced students and supported them in their musical development. Video Link

In what languages does Jacinto Mendez teach?

German, Spanish and English

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