Guitar and Singing Lessons in Münster with Jacinto Mendez

Guitar and Singing Lessons

I am happy to share my experience, joy and passion of playing guitar. Guitar learning passed onto you.
Whether you are a beginner, an amateur or a professional. My guitar lessons are independent of location, as I now also offer online guitar lessons over the internet. Oh yes – I also teach you the vocals – you can also get singing lessons from me.

Each student determines the content of the lesson itself.
In the beginning, we clarify your goals (e.g. accompany songs and sing, pluck, compose, improvise …), this way I can customize your lessons to feet your needs.
Based on your previous knowledge and goals, I then design your lessons. For beginners without prior knowledge, a foundation of chords and strumming has to be set, but we do this in parallel to learning songs. This way you will enjoy the feeling of being able to play songs right from the start. Practicing is also a lot more fun.
For effective practice, I offer different techniques that are also part of my lessons. We already use these techniques during the lesson.
During the practice session we make videos, so you can watch them again and again at home for practicing and rehearsing.
I would like to stress that fun and good motivation are at the forefront in my mind, as only this can make good and effective learning is possible.

If you want to know more – just write me an email …

Jacinto Mendez musician and guitar teacher

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