Online Skype guitar lessons

Online Skype Webcam Guitar Lessons

Home-based guitar lessons, the best way to learn how to play guitar. But for those outside Münster or North Rhine Westphalia, I also offer online lessons with Skype.

Here’s how it works …

Check my Skype status icon to see if I’m online. Click on the icon to contact me on Skype for a lesson. As my online availability varies, I have fixed dates for online guitar lessons.
I am happy to make an appointment with you.
You can call me or send me an e-mail through my contact form.


  • Portable device with pre-installed WhatsApp app or Skype Messenger
  • Webcam
  • External speakers
  • Microphone from computer, tablet or external hardware
  • Internet connection (at least cable or DSL). 1.5 Mbps in upload and download
  • Guitar
  • Skype must be installed on the computer and should function properly

If you have any questions or concerns about the computer setup, please contact me!

Jacinto Mendez Fender Stratocaster Guitar
How good are lessons via Skype?

A Skype lesson can be more effective than face-to-face lessons under certain conditions.

How good are online guitar lessons?
  • Complete lessons can be recorded upon request in order to watch at a later time.
  • Lessons can done with a laptop or tablet, regardless of location.
  • You save time, money and nerves (petrol, finding a parking space …)
  • In winter you don’t have to go out in the cold but rather stay warm at home.
  • It is useful to be able to turn off the microphone at any given moment: I explain something, then both microhones can be turned off and you can briefly practice for yourself. At the same time, I can create a video and explain what to practice next. This makes for an effective use of time. I then send the videos via WhatsApp and the lessons are thus documented. If necessary, you can watch the videos again for practicing.

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